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Hey Guys

I’ve been having way to many brake downs than expected, so ill be neglecting my tumblr account and other social medias for a while. I really hate the mental state I’m in, sorry but goodbye mon amie. I’ll be back august.. maybe. 


Contextures :  Into The Light
Fine-art canvas : 100cm x 54cm x 4cm

I started work on the Contextures series of images in 2012. This particular picture is of a wall on a forgotten little lane in the former Shanghai Ghetto.

Contextures are abstract photographs with a story to tell :  texture layers in context, printed large — normally on fine-art canvas or coffee-bean sack-cloth which I prime, print and stretch by myself.

"Into The Light" was one of the first Contextures prints I made.

Artist Name: David Barlow

Tumblr:  Diary Of A Travelling Image-Maker